The ASU-CIT Library aims to develop among the students a deeper sense of love for knowledge as well as love and care for books and other printed materials.  It also aims to stimulate genuine interest for reading and improve students’ reading habits.

Library Rules and Regulations

1. Each student of ASU-CIT must secure a library card for borrowing purposes.

2. Library cards are non-transferable.

3. The library card must be presented each time a book will be borrowed.

4. In case of loss of library card, a new one may be issued upon presentation of proof of loss and payment of ten pesos (P10.00).

5.  The library is a place for reading, study and research; thus, silence must be observed at all times.

6.  Eating, drinking, sleeping or loud conversations are strictly prohibited inside the library.

7. Any form of vandalism committed by the student will be subject to disciplinary action and library privileges maybe suspended.  The following constitute vandalism:

a.   Tearing pages of books/periodicals and other library materials

b.   Writing on books and other library materials

c.    Carving, destroying chairs, tables or walls

d.   Writing on walls and other parts of the library

8.  Borrowed books must be returned on due date specified in the guidelines.  A fine of P5.00/hour, including Sundays and Holidays for overdue books will be imposed.

9. Borrowers will be held liable for any damaged or lost materials.  Lost books must be promptly reported by the borrower and be replaced or be paid its equivalent price.  Fines will be charged until the replacement is submitted.

10. Readers are not allowed to take out any reference material from the reading room.

11. Circulating books shall be presumed to be in good condition, unless the contrary is brought to the attention of the librarian or desk attendant who shall make proper notation thereof.

12. Reserve books, magazines, newspapers and other reference materials will not be allowed to be taken-out of the reading room during school hours.

13.  Books, magazines, and newspapers for overnight reading should be borrowed during the last period in the afternoon.  Borrowed books, magazines, newspapers should be returned the following morning at 8:00 A.M.

14.  All things such as books, magazines, newspapers, chairs, tables etc. must be returned to their proper places after use. 

15.  All students must take good care of all reading materials that belong to the school.

16.  Cellphone should be turned-off or muted while inside the Library.

17. Every Library user should help maintain the cleanliness of the Library.