• No students shall be denied admission to the University by reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religious belief, political affiliation, conviction or ideology,
  • Graduates of high school duly recognized by the government maybe admitted as freshmen into the University on the following basis:

  1. Their performance in the University Admission Test and College/School Entrance Test;
  2. Their weighted average in senior high school,
  3. Their performance in the interview conducted by the college/school concerned and;
  4. Their compliance of other requirements prescribed by the University, which includes documents and other academic credentials.

  • Transfer students from recognized institutions of higher learning maybe admitted on probation basis until such time when they have validated or repeated all subjects taken outside the University which are required for their course, provided that they satisfy the requirements on admission and entrance examination and interview enunciated in the preceding paragraph and other requirements prescribed by the University.
  • Former students who have attended another institution since attending the University shall be required to qualify on the same basis as new transfer students.
  • An applicant who has already earned a baccalaureate degree from other University maybe admitted without necessity of qualifying in the University Admission Test; provided that he/she meets all other requirements prescribed by the college concerned.
  • Only students who have been duly registered shall be admitted to classes. In exceptional cases, the teacher may recommend to the Dean concerned 



Students shall register within the scheduled registration period as provided for in the approved annual academic calendar. However registration may be extended for a grace period of five days after the last day of the registration schedule, subject to the payment of fine for late registration.

  • A fine shall be imposed for late registration on the first day and an additional amount for every day thereafter until the last day of registration with fine.
  • Special course students may register after regular registration period without the payment of fine for late registration but subject to other existing regulations of the University. Special courses such as 6 months driving course, 1 month culinary arts and the like.
  • No student shall be registered after one (1) week of regular classes have been held.



  • A University Admission Test shall be given to entering freshmen and transferees which shall serve as one of the basis to determine the fitness of the student to enter the University.
  • College Entrance Test shall also be given by the College/School concerned to entering freshmen and transferees which will determine the fitness of student to get the course in the said College/School.
  • Other requirements:

For New Students

    • Form 138 (Report Card)Certification of Good Moral Character signed by the Guidance Counselor or Principal
    • Medical/Dental Certification signed by any government physician
    • One (1) recent 2”x 2” ID picture for the Office of the Registrar
    • One (1) recent 1”x 1” ID picture for the Guidance Office
    • Two (2) recent 1”x 1” ID picture for the Library
    • NSO generated Certificate of Live Birth.

For Transferees

    • Original Certificate of Transfer Credentials (Honorable Dismissal)
    • Original Transcript of Record certified by the Registrar.
    • Medical Certificate signed by any government physician.
    • One (1) recent 2”x 2” ID picture for the Office of the Registrar
    • One (1) recent 1”x 1” ID picture for the Guidance Office
    • Two (2) recent 1”x 1” ID picture for the Library
    • NSO generated Certificate of Live Birth.


  • No student enrolled in another institution shall be admitted to the university without a written permit from the concerned authorized official of his/her mother school. The permit shall state the total number of units in which student is registered in his/her mother school and the subjects that he is authorized to cross- register in; provided, that he/she meets all the other requirements prescribed by the University appurtenant there to;
  • Students currently enrolled in the University, who wish to cross-register in another school, may be permitted to do so, subject to the following conditions;
  1. That there is an immediate need for the cross-registration to clear out his/her academic deficiencies, such as the case of graduating students;
  2. That the subject is not offered in the University; and
  3. That is shall not be in conflict with his/her own schedule.
  • The total number of units for which a student register in two or more institutions or units in the University, as the case may be, shall not exceed the maximum allowed by the rule on academic load.
  • The Aklan State University shall not credit ant course taken by any of its student in any other institution unless the taking of such course was expressly authorized by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Dean and or Unit Head concerned.
  • The University reserves the right to deny admission to a student who seeks to cross register.